flight wallet

The most secured way to work with private keys

The Problem

What if there would be the way to sign transactions without internet and the wallet could be as useful as mobile app…

In 2018 there are four ways to use your cryptowallets:

  • Mobile wallets
  • Website wallets

You should trust them because they can easily send your private keys to some servers: even if the code is opensourced, deployed one can have backdoors and exploits.

  • Cold wallets
  • Paper wallets

They are not very useful: you need to have your laptop to sign transactions. Moreover, you can't pay in cafe or vending just with these wallets.

How any blockchain transaction work

We don't need internet to sign transactions.

There are 3 steps to pay in crypto:

We need internet to grap the data for transaction from blockchain and to broadcast the signed transaction. Private key is used only in the intermediate stage, which is just mathematical operations that don't require internet connection.

Our solution

Flight wallet is the mobile app that signs just blockchain transactions. We use Terminal to generate invoices for clients and to broadcast signed transactions.

For now we are in beta best with iOS application and Bitcoin testnet support.


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